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Parking spaces and parking supervision

Parking spaces are available in most Hoas buildings. For enquiries and bookings, please contact Hoas service center (customerservice @

All spaces are numbered and usually equipped with an electric plug (for heating during the winter). Please remember safety: Never leave an electric cable plugged in the heating post. Heating post's cover needs to be locked for safety reasons.


Please note, that at the moment there are no possibilities for tenants to charge an electric car on Hoas buildings car parks.

You can reserve a parking space from your the Hoas service center

A parking space agreement is always valid until further notice. The term of notice for parking agreements is one calendar month. However, incase you terminate your agreement by the 15th day of the month, the contract will then last until the end of the month only. After you have booked the parking space, you will be mailed a new bank transfer slip with information on the parking space and its cost.

Parking is only allowed in parking spaces reserved for the purpose

Parking spaces are meant for cars which are in regular use: when the cars are away from the parking area during the day, it is possible to have the areas cleaned. If you are not using your car, please find such a parking space that it does not, for example, obstruct clearing the snow in winter. Please note also, that it is tenant’s responsibility to plough their own parking spaces which they have rented. Unfortunately the snow ploughers cannot plough separate parking spaces, as the vehicle cannot drive between cars at the parking space.

Parking is allowed only on parking spaces which are marked. Parking on yard areas is prohibited, except for short-term loading and unloading. However, the driver must be in the direct vicinity of the car. When the load has been unloaded, the car must immediately be parked on a permitted area.

Guestparking is permitted with a parking disk on mon-fri for max 4 hours from 8am to 10pm. At other times the guestparking is unlimited.

Unauthorised parking on driveways, yards, walkways, or in other people’s parking spaces is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to keep scrap cars or cars with no license plates in the parking area or elsewhere in the yard.

Hoas has private parking supervision with Q-Park

Parking supervision is done in the yards of the property/rescue way/drive ways and pedestrian ways/parking areas.

Parking terms can be found on the signs which are set on the property. If a car has been parked against the parking terms, Q-Park has a right to write a parking ticket of 60 €.

Contact information of Q-Park:

If you notice repeated problems in parking, you can let Q-Park know about this with a control request form at the Q-park website.

tel. 020 781 2401
Mon - Thu 10.00-14.00


If the recipient of a parking ticket feels unjustified, he/she has to make a written complaint to Q-Park. Only a complaint in written will stop the dept collection., “reklamaatiolomake”
Address: PL 542, 00101 Helsinki
Fax: (09) 3232170