Rasinkatu 7

Koivukylä, Vantaa


Nöjaktig (fastighetens allmänna skick)

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Bra tillgänglighet, bostäder frigörs ofta.

Höghuset ligger på gångavstånd från Björkby tågstation, köpcentret Koivukeskus och Björkby bibliotek. Trafikförbindelserna är goda och man kommer behändigt med tåg mot Helsingfors eller Kervo. Till Dickursby kommer man med tåg på ca 5 minuter. På cykelavstånd ligger Hanaböle träsk och Sibbo storskogs nationalpark.

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I lived here during 2001-2003 and I still remember those days quite fondly. I don't understand why the trend for students is to move more towards single apartments rather than shared living. The opportunity to meet people outside of your social bubble is tremendous and I shared this Koivukylä apartment with a pakistanian doctor student whom we had amazing times with - the food he and his friend cooked for the ramadan evenings was amazing and his friend could recite all the relevant soundbytes from Predator by heart. I had absolutely no qualms living here - sure, the condition is ok'ish, but the rent was super cheap and the views especially from the higher floors were tremendous. I had already been in the job market for many years and compared to a regular student, I was more well off money-wise and could've rented a single apartment, but experiencing a shared living accommodation was one of the best experienced I've ever done. Remember, at least when I was considering it, the people at HOAS got me in touch with the student who had moved out, who I called and he promised to hook me up with a current tenant. I called him and asked to see the place and meet the people I would be sharing with beforehand. There's no reason to not get to know your potential roommates before you sign the papers!
Sijainti on erinomainen ja vuokrataso edullinen. Naapureita on vähemmän kuin viereisissä tornitaloissa, mikä on mukavaa. Asunnon kunto on vähän nuhjuinen erityisesti keittiössä.