Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 29

Kamppi, Helsinki


Utmärkt (fastighetens allmänna skick)


Väldigt populär fastighet, mycket sällan lediga bostäder.

Från huset i Helsingfors kärncentrum är det några minuters gångväg till Kampens köpcentrum och alla övriga tjänster. I närheten finns även ett grönskande parkområde och den populära Sandudds simstrand. A-trappans bostäder används huvudsakligen av internationella utbytesstuderande. I juni–augusti fungerar sommarhostellet Hostel Domus Academica i A-trappan.

Fastigheten har genomgått en trivsamhetsrenovering, som har avslutat i 2019.(Läs mer om renovering)

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Erinomainen sijainti. Rauhalliset naapurit, tosin palohälytyksiä usein. Hyvät äänieristykset asuntojen välillä. Rempan vuoksi asunnot unelmakunnossa!
First of all, I want to point out that the studio is fine and in great condition. Many would kill for such a flat in Kamppi. I, however, hate living here. But let's start with the positive: The flats are new and in great condition. Studios are quite large, and light, since they face south (even though the ceiling lamp is very dim). The bathroom is also large and well equipped (even though the shower has very low water pressure), and the main cupboards and fridge are large enough. The building has two nice saunas and there is also a laundry room in every floor, which means that you rarely have problems booking turns. Everything in the building is new and in good condition. Insulation is good, as are the windows, although unfortunately (at least in my appartment) you can only open a small (ca. 20x100cm) window, which is quite bad if you're trying to ventilate (especially considering that the kitchen isn't separated from the sleeping area). Now for my main criticism: The "kitchenette" is appaling, especially if you'll live there for more than a 1-2 months. There is no oven, and just 2 small stove plates. What's even worse, there is no kitchen countertop, which means that if you ever have a hot pot or pan you want to take off the stove plate, you'll have nowhere to put it. HOAS claims that a larger kitchen wouldn't fit in the studio, but checking the size of the flat (especially the bathroom), it seems more like a design flaw. If you like living in the city centre, then you might enjoy living in Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 29. My problem was that, studying in Viikki, the commute is quite long (40min by bus), which means a lot of time wasted. I definetly don't recommend this building unless you study in the city centre or at Aalto University. The surroundings aren't pretty (mostly dull grey buildings), with no nice parks around and shopping (if you like green stay away) is limited to a Lidl and a K-Market. All in all, everything feels a bit grey and depressing compared to other HOAS buildings. Can't wait to move out.
The best location, the best apartments, super spacious and stylish.

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Kamppi, Helsinki