Using water wisely

The use of water has decreased over the decades. This can be explained with technological advances, such as more efficient toilets and washing machines. You can also have an impact on the amount of water you use through your actions and choices.

Heating and purifying water requires a lot of energy. As much as 30 percent of heating energy is used for heating water. We use the largest amounts of water for washing ourselves and for flushing the toilet.

However, although it is good to use water wisely, you should also know that excessive saving of cold water can in fact damage the plumbing. For this reason, reducing the use of cold water excessively may not serve its purpose, even if the intention is good. You should pay more attention to how you use warm water, as heating the water uses energy.

Consider the following when you use water:

  • Keep showers short
  • Avoid running the water while you brush your teeth
  • Wait until you have a full load before you run the washing machine
  • Use a modern washing machine that uses water efficiently