The drain is not a bin

The toilet is not a magic black hole that swallows up anything you put in it when you flush it. Any items that you put in the toilet bowl will end up on a dump, unless it gets stuck in the pipes. In the worst case, blocked pipes can cause the sewage water to rise into your apartment or a neighbour's apartment. Rubbish belongs in the bin, not in the toilet.

Fat does not belong in drains

Fat does not belong in drains. Pouring fat into the drains will clog them over time. Due to the clogging, water cannot drain away like it's supposed to, and may flow back up to the property and, in the worst case, cause serious water damage. Also the fat in the drains offers a five-star dinner to rats.

You can soak up small amounts of cooking fat in kitchen paper and throw the paper in the biodegradable waste bin. Larger amounts can be poured into an empty container, like a milk carton, and thrown in the mixed waste bin. Any food scraps left in the sink should be mopped up with kitchen paper and put in the biodegradable waste bin instead of forcing them down the drain.