Out of rodents, the most common troublemakers in apartment blocks are mice and rats, and they may require professional intervention. Mice and rats are found all across Finland and they usually seek to live near humans. Mice and rats are very adaptable to various conditions.

Rodents may spread disease. They may also damage the structures of the building. Additionally, they may cause power cuts and short circuits.

Rats may find their way to waste collection points if waste is repeatedly left on the floor. This is why it is very important to take waste all the way to the collection points and put it inside the waste containers. Please also make sure that the lid of the waste bin is properly closed. If the first bin is full, check the other bins that are further back – usually the bin closest to the door will fill up first.

Always submit a fault report if you find rodents inside your apartment. In such cases, pest control will be called in and after the treatments the construction company will check the structures and close any gaps that have allowed the rodents to enter. If you try to get rid of rodents yourself, you should use traps.  If you use poison, the rodents may die inside the wall structures and cause an odour problem. Additionally, the carcasses may attract skin beetles.