Pantry and stored food pests

Pantry pests eat stored food items or contaminate them with their faeces. You might bring them home from a shop with your groceries.  If pantry pests are detected early, it is usually easy to eradicate them. If the pest is only found in one packet and it hasn't spread outside of it, it may be enough to destroy the affected packet.

Pantry pests do not spread disease (except for the German cockroach, which may spread salmonella) and are not toxic. There is no need to panic if you see a pantry pest in your apartment.

If you find pantry pests at home, destroy all affected food items. If you want to be sure about the items that do not seem affected, freeze them in -20 degrees for a week. Empty the cabinets that had pest insects in them and vacuum clean them carefully. Dispose of the vacuum bag after vacuuming. You can try to eliminate the pests with insect pest sprays following the instructions on the product. In the future, store all food items in plastic bags or in glass or plastic containers.

If you cannot remove the problem by yourself, submit a fault report, so that Hoas can call pest control to deal with it. If you suspect you have German cockroaches / any other cockroaches, submit the fault report right away.