Fuses and RDC

If a fuse blows in your apartment, you will lose power in parts of the apartment. The purpose of a fuse is to protect you from hazards potentially caused by faulty appliances. A fuse may also blow if you overload it. For example, extra heaters can cause it to blow. Overloading the system can cause the electrical wiring to heat up, which in turn could lead to a fire. Electricity can also be restricted, if your home-away switch is in the wrong position, or if the bathroom circuit breaker has tripped.

If you have automatic fuses it's on your responsibility to switch it back on. If you have old fashioned fuses in the fuse box you can send a fault report to Hoas for maintenance to change the fuse.

If you repeatedly blow a fuse, disconnect all appliances and lights from their power sockets and try adding them back one by one. If the problem is not caused by any individual appliance, reconnect all appliances and check if your fuses are too small for the number of devices connected. Often extra heaters will cause fuses to blow.  If you cannot identify the reason why your fuses blow repeatedly, please send a fault report to Hoas.