The apartment temperature in the summer

If you get a little cold in the winter, it is also common to be a little hot in the summer. The buildings adhere to the building regulations used at the time of their construction. For this reason, they do not always have air conditioning or other cooling systems. Fresh air enters the apartment via fresh air vents, which must not be blocked. The ventilation in the property is automatic and cannot be adjusted per apartment.

The Healthy Housing Guide (The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, 2003:1) (in Finnish) does not specify an upper guideline for the non-heating period in the summer. According to the Healthy Housing Guide: ”Room temperature should not be over +26°C, unless the rise in temperature is caused by outdoor heat."  The room temperature guideline on the Hoas website applies to the heating period. The heating period begins when the average daily outdoor temperature drops to 15–17 degrees or lower.