Fire alarms connected to the mains

Some of Hoas' properties have smoke detectors that are connected to the mains. These smoke detectors sound an alarm only in the apartment, and the alarm is not automatically transmitted anywhere else.

If the alarm fails and you cannot stop it by airing the room, for instance, please contact Hoas' maintenance department on 09-549 900 by selecting option three (weekdays 9 am-4 pm) or the emergency call-out unit (if the Hoas service centre is closed) on 020 491 2720.

Residents are responsible for testing the smoke detectors regularly. Hoas is responsible for maintaining the fire alarm system. Therefore, if the equipment fails, please report this to Hoas. If the smoke detector is disconnected or broken, the costs can be charged to the tenant.

Pasilanraitio 10 has a local smoke detector, which is being maintained by Heka.

If you are not sure what kind of smoke detector you have in your apartment, please check the general information for your property. You can see the general information by entering your address in Hoas' apartments on the website.