Waste disposal

The Hoas waste collection bins are emptied at intervals specified in the contract. However, please remember that the driver of the waste collection truck is not required to collect rubbish from the floors, only to empty the bins. If there is so much rubbish on the floor that the bins cannot be brought out of the shelter, they will not be emptied. So please fill the containers starting from the one furthest away from the entrance, and follow sorting guidelines. If the first bin is full, check the other containers before you leave anything on the floor. Food scraps and other rubbish left on the floor will soon attract various visitors, such as rats.

Tenants are responsible for disposing of any large waste items, furniture and other items that do not belong in the waste collection shelter. Furniture, problem waste and other items not belonging in the waste collection bins must not be left in the waste collection shelter or anywhere else around the property. Waste collection companies will not remove extra rubbish/items/furniture from the property while emptying the waste containers; Hoas has to order a separate visit (at extra cost) from the waste collection company to dispose of these. Separate removal visits are always more expensive than the regular waste bin emptying and they also take up time that could be used for other property management tasks. Please note that any extra cost will be mirrored in the rental fees you pay and that extra runs also burden the environment unnecessarily. Therefore, please help us, and the environment, by taking everything you can to waste recycling and disposal stations be reused or sorted correctly!

If, however, you do notice abandoned items (potential fire load) at the property, please submit a fault report immediately.