Waste collection pipes

Some of Hoas' newer properties have a pipe system for waste collection. Waste collection pipes improve people's daily lives and the comfort of the community. Since waste is taken to collection containers via pipes, collection trucks do not need to come to the yard anymore. 

Waste should be sorted into the pipes according to instructions. The pipe can hold one 20 litre bag at a time. Drop the bags into the pipe one at a time to avoid blocking the pipe. Remember that the pipes are not for large objects or e.g. rugs, Christmas trees, clothes, styrofoam, appliances, folders or branches.

The hatch is opened with a key fob, which you can collect from the Hoas office, if you live in a property that has a collection pipe.

Waste collection pipes are in use in Kalasatama (Arielinkatu 2) and Jätkäsaari (Välimerenkatu 5 and Hyväntoivonkatu 6)