Sorting waste

Sometimes, when you try to decide which bin each waste item should go to, you may wonder what use it is to sort your waste anyway. Did you know that for example the biodegradable waste you recycle can be used to produce heat in the district heating system and that the plastic parts of your electrical waste can be reused in a fleece jacket? Or that some of the problem waste you produce can be incinerated and the heat processed into electricity?

If you recycle correctly, only a small part of your waste ends up at the dump and becomes a burden on the environment. For instance metal can be recycled almost endlessly. Additionally, waste that can be used to produce energy may be converted into recycled fuel for industrial uses. Recycled fuel can replace fossil fuels. Recycling materials allows us to conserve untouched natural resources.

Correct recycling can also lower the cost of waste disposal for your property. If there is incorrect waste in the recycling bin, for example glass jars in the biodegradable waste bin, the waste collection truck will not empty the bin. In such cases, a mixed waste truck has to be called in to put the biodegradable waste together with mixed waste, which raises the cost of waste disposal. On top of that, extra emptying has environmental consequences due to the added mileage caused by the extra trip.

Your actions as a tenant play a significant role in the success of waste sorting. Little effort will bring big results! Below you will find a summary of what to put into which waste container, as well as information on which waste can be recycled.

Check kierrä page to find the other nearest recycling locations if you don't have containers for everything at your own property.



HSY, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority

Yle, Kuningaskuluttaja (in Finnish)