If you live in an apartment block, you will have to get used to normal sounds of life from other apartments. However, everyone must make sure that their own behaviour is not disturbing others. This concerns your actions in your own apartment as well as in shared spaces and in the yard.  Every tenant must also sign the rules and regulations of the housing company when moving into a Hoas apartment, so please read them carefully.

If you do find that you are being disturbed in your home, you should first try to resolve the situation by talking to the person who is disturbing you. If this does not help, or if the disturbances are frequent and take place during the quiet hours at night, you can submit a written complaint with a complaint form. Please write an accurate description of what has happened, the apartment number of the person causing the disturbance and also your own contact details. The form must be signed. We recommend that you make the complaint together with other neighbours, so that we can get a more balanced view of the matter.

Your complaint will always be handled confidentially and the lessor will intervene on a case-by-case basis, according to the law concerning rental apartments. The person causing the disturbance will be asked to give their account of what happened.

If the situation is alarming or there is a significant disturbance at night, it is best to call the police to calm things down. Keeping the general order is the responsibility of the authorities and everyone is entitled to call the police to intervene, if necessary. The emergency number for the police is 112.

If you encounter problems while living in shared housing, you should try to discuss them first with your flatmates. It is difficult to remedy the situation if the person accused did not even know their actions were considered disturbing. Please also read tips for agreeing on rules for shared apartment, for example on cleaning the apartment. If the problem cannot be solved by talking or is otherwise recurring or serious, you can be in contact with exchangestudent services at exchangestudents[at]hoas.fi or submit a written complaint to Hoas.