Door opening service

The door opening service is intended to guarantee your access to the apartment even in the event that you are temporarily not in possession of the key (the key is lost or you may have left it in the apartment). The door opening service can only be used by the tenant that is officially registered as the tenant by Hoas. You must prove your identity by showing an official identity document such as passport or EU identity card (with a photo).

In most Hoas properties, the door opening service is provided by Securitas. You can ask for your door to be opened by calling Securitas at 020 491 2962*. Securitas will send you an invoice according to the service contract given to you by the guard when the door is opened.

The cost of this service is 30 euros and you must pay it with the invoice sent to you by Securitas. If you have any questions about the invoice, please contact Securitas.

It is a good idea to pay your door opening invoice on time. If you do not pay by the due date, the payment collection will be transferred to Hoas and Hoas will charge you 56 euros for an unpaid door opening fee. (This includes an invoice for 50 euros that Securitas sends to Hoas as well as a 6 euros processing fee.)

*The cost of calling a business number beginning with 0204 from a landline in Finland is 8,35 cents/call + 7,02 cents/min, and from a mobile phone in Finland it is 8,35 cents/call + 17,17 cents/min. If you are calling from abroad, the cost is the same as a normal foreign call. (Sonera – call prices from 1.1.2013.)

More information on door opening invoices