Storage spaces

The storage spaces available to tenants are usually located in the basement of the property, but they may also be in separate buildings or on upper floors. Please note that your storage space may not be in the same stairwell as your apartment.

Instructions for storing items

  • We recommend that you use the storage space that has the same number as your apartment. However, despite the numbering, the storage spaces are not tied to a specific apartment, so if the space with your apartment number is in use, you can pick another space that is empty and unlocked.
  • There may not be enough storage spaces for every tenant. In some properties, the tenants in a shared apartment are only entitled to one storage space per apartment, so if you live in a shared apartment, you should agree on the use of the space with the other tenants.
  • You must put your name and apartment number on the storage space you are using and secure it with an appropriate lock. This way you can be reached in case of problems and you keep your stored items safe. It is good to also mark the date you started using the space, to make it easier for Hoas to keep track of abandoned storage spaces.
  • You are responsible for emptying the storage space and removing your lock when you move out.
  • Prams, bikes and other large items should be stored in storage rooms intended for those items.
  • Keeping motor vehicles in the basement or in other indoor spaces is forbidden. Storing flammable liquids and gases in the common storage facilities is forbidden.

At regular intervals, Hoas and the maintenance company will remove and/or dispose of any items that are blocking rescue routes or are otherwise kept in unauthorised locations. Similarly, Hoas will regularly remove any unmarked or broken items and anything classified as junk from the storage rooms and from unlocked storage spaces.

Hoas or the maintenance company are not liable for any loss of property when it is caused by the tenant's own negligence, like leaving items in unlocked storage spaces. Personal property must be stored only at the appropriate places. For fire safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to keep any personal property in the corridors or in the common facilities.