Notification of change of address

In Finland it is a legal obligation to give notice of your new address when moving in. You must give this notice if you have lived in one location for more than three months. It is recommended to give the notice well in advance so that you will receive your mail in the correct address starting from the desired date.

At online or the nearest post office, you can easily submit a notification of change of address both to the register office (as required by law) and to the post office with a single form. The notification can be made at the earliest one month in advance.

Receiving mail

Mail is delivered to tenants on weekdays, either in your mailbox or through the slot in your apartment door, if you have made the notification of change of address. The mailman has a key to the premises.

If the Finnish post office is delivering you a package that can be delivered directly into the mailbox or through the slot, you will get it as home delivery. With larger packages, you will receive a notice of delivery that will inform you where to pick up the parcel.

If your package is delivered by a private courier service, be prepared to open the door for the delivery person.