Parking spaces

Most Hoas properties have car parking spaces for tenants and guest spaces for temporary parking. The numbered spaces are located close to the property. 

Parking space types and prices

The type, number and price of the parking spaces vary from one property to the next. You can check the available parking spaces types and the price from the file attached: PDF: Hoas parking spaces

Please note that the lessor is not under any obligation to provide a parking space to the tenant. Hoas does not currently offer a possibility to charge an electric car.

How do I reserve a parking space?

You can reserve a parking space by filling in the parking space application. The minimum reservation time for a parking space is one month. There is separate fee for parking space. If you would like to reserve a parking space, please include the following information in your request:

  • Check the type of parking spaces available in your property
  • Inform the type of parking space you would like to reserve
  • If you have several options please inform which one is your first choice
  • Inform if you would like to stay in the queue if there are no parking spaces available

When you reserve a parking space, the rental agreement is always signed until further notice.  The tenant is responsible for paying the rent for the parking space until the end of the current month, provided that notice of termination was given to the lessor before the 15th day of the current month. If you submit your notice of termination after the 15th, the reservation will end at the end of the following month.

Vehicle parking and parking control

You are only allowed to park in marked spaces. Parking in yards is forbidden, with the exception of temporary parking of a maximum of 15 minutes to load/unload items, for example when you move in. The driver must remain near the car and the car must be moved to a proper parking space as soon as the loading/unloading is finished.

In guest spaces, parking is allowed with a parking disc for a maximum of 4 hours during weekdays from 8 am to 10 pm. At other times there are no restrictions on the parking time. Guest spaces are intended for short-term parking for the tenants' guests.

Unauthorized parking in a driveway, in the yard, or in passageways is strictly forbidden and will be fined, because it may prevent emergency vehicles from getting to the property in an emergency situation. Parking in a space reserved for someone else is also forbidden.