As a Hoas tenant you get an internet connection as a free additional service. Hoasnet connection is free of charge for tenants and you only need to have your own ethernet network cable and, if you want a wifi, a router.

Hoasnet by DNA

In almost all Hoas buildings the internet operator is DNA and apartments are fitted with a free 200M/50 Mbit/s Hoasnet connection. Each tenancy agreement is entitled to one connection, also family apartments.

To start using the broadband connection, you need an ethernet network cable (RJ-45). You don’t need to register, just connect your ethernet cable from the internet socket on the wall to your computer/laptop. If you want to use your connection wirelessly or there are other tenants wanting to share the connection, you can buy a wireless router. The connection functions only on one internet socket of the apartment (/room in shared apartments).

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When facing problems with Hoasnet or having questions about it, please contact DNA’s Fault notices by phone +358 800 300 500 and tell that you are a Hoas tenant using Hoasnet provided by DNA. Check also our instructions for fault situations.

Trinet in Otaniemi

In Otaniemi (Jämeräntaival 9, Jämeräntaival 10, Jämeräntaival 11, Servin Maijan tie 3, Servinkuja 5 and Servinkuja 6) the internet provider is Trinet. More information:

When facing problems with Trinet connection, please follow instruction at