Certificates and forms available from Hoas

You can obtain the following certificates or forms from Hoas's exchange student services exchangestudents(at)hoas.fi, if you need them:

  • Statement from the register of occupants (free of charge, only in Finnish)
  • Copy of your tenancy agreement (free of charge)

And from Hoas's payment services payments(at)hoas.fi following certificate:

  • Certificate of rent payment records (10 euros)

The statement from the register of occupants or the T form are not required for the student housing supplement. Hoas will provide details concerning your housing situation directly to KELA. If you are applying for a general housing allowance, KELA may ask for the T form. Hoas can provide a statement from the register of occupants which is equivalent to the T form.

Hoas does not fill in the forms for KELA or any other third party. It is also not possible for Hoas to issue a statement certifying that the tenant has been trustworthy (some foreign lessors may request this).