As a Hoas tenant you have a wide variety of additional services to use. Here you find general information for all Hoas tenants. With the housing search you can look into more detailed information about your home building.


Additional services to tenants

Hoas has a variety of additional services that are free of charge in almost all Hoas’ properties. Please check the link for each service to find out more about the services.

Tenant responsibilities

A home at Hoas is the first own home to many tenants. This is why many of the responsibilities are still yet to be learned. Your first own home might mean a lot of freedom but it comes with a lot of new things to take care of also.


Your key is for your use only, and must be handled with care and responsibility. Always take good care of your keys. You must not attach the address of the apartment or the owner's name or phone number to the key.

The keys given to you also give you access to shared tenant facilities like storage rooms and the laundry room. Keys to the hobby rooms and club rooms are managed by tenant committees.

Tenancy agreement

Tenancy agreements for furnished apartments are made based on the information received from schools in Finland.

Normally tenancy agreements for furnished exchange student apartments are made to the end of May, but in some Hoas properties it is possible to extend the rental period until the end of June. Each spring, Hoas will send information regarding this to tenants who have this extension option.

Tenancy agreements for international degree students will be made to the end of July and there is no possibility for extension.

Subleasing furnished apartments reserved for exchange students and international degree students is not allowed. These apartments form a school-specific quota and they are rented in co-operation with universities in the capital area.

Saving energy

The impact that energy has on our daily lives is most obvious when the power is off. When the power goes out, you desperately try to rescue your valuable frozen foods and grandmother's jams in the weak light of a torch or a candle. You think to check on the computer when the power cut will be over, only to realise that the computer will not run either. Finally, you console yourself with the thought that at least you now have time to sit down to watch that movie you've been meaning to watch for ages – until you remember you can't.

Tenant support

A good neighbour takes other tenants into account and remembers especially certain things like sorting waste correctly and rules about silence hours. In cases of disturbances it is recommended to first try to discuss with the person causing the disturbance and if the situation doesn't improve be in contact with Hoas tenant support. Enjoy living in your student apartment but remember to respect your neighbours and flatmates!

Fault report

We try to respond to fault reports as quickly as possible, but they are prioritised according to urgency (for example water damage as opposed to a dent in a door). The less urgent jobs are generally taken care of within a month. You should, however, take into account that certain times of the year are busier than others. For instance, as many people move in the autumn, getting repairs done may take longer than during the quieter periods.

Heating and ventilation

The indoor air quality depends greatly on the apartment's temperature and ventilation. Some things are hard for the tenants themselves to change, but tenant actions can sometimes have a huge impact on how the ventilation works.

Water and plumbing

A leaking tap or toilet may not seem like a serious problem, but you should still notify Hoas as soon as possible.

According to HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services), a continuous drip from a gap the size of sewing thread will cause an extra cost of 75 euro per year. A gap the size of a thick needle will put the annual extra cost up to 750 euro. A continuously leaking toilet causes a water loss worth 7 500 euro and water leaking through a hole the size of a pencil can cost as much as 75 000 euro for the property. So if you have a leaking tap or toilet, please submit a fault report as quickly as possible.

Home appliances and equipment

There are many appliances and other devices in your home. Here you can find instructions and tips on how to use and maintain them.

Cleaning your own apartment

Cleaning regularly on a weekly basis will make it easier when you move out and also ensure that you do your part in making the surfaces in the apartment last as long as possible. As a tenant, it is also your responsibility to look after the apartment. In this section, we have collected some guidelines and tips for cleaning.

Pests and pest control

Sometimes you may get unexpected visitors in your apartment. Do keep in mind that some insects you may find indoors are completely harmless, and you do not need to contact pest control to get rid of them. However, occasionally the insects may be pests which require proper pest control treatments.

Waste disposal and recycling

The tidiness of common areas, yards and waste disposal facilities depends greatly on the tenants and how they behave. Hoas is responsible for keeping the yards clean and for emptying the bins, but everyone should also be mindful of dropping rubbish in the yard and refrain from abandoning couches in the waste disposal areas. It is good to remember that the drivers of the waste collection trucks are not responsible for picking up rubbish left on the ground or in the yards; they only empty the bins.

Also, when you take your rubbish to the waste disposal area, please note that untidy and overflowing bins and bin bags thrown on the floor are not only a health hazard, but they also add to the costs of property management, which could lead to higher rental fees in the future.

Our long term property maintenance plan

Hoas' properties are maintained in a systematic manner. All the measures are aimed at property management that is ecologically sound and economically viable. Well planned pre-emptive maintenance can prevent many faults and problems and extend the life of our properties. Pre-planning and preventative measures can also help to bring down the cost of maintenance.

Maintenance of common facilities and outdoor areas

Hoas strives to keep its properties in good shape through daily work as well as through scheduled, concerted maintenance and repair efforts. Remember that in addition to this, you yourself have an important role in maintaining your apartment and the entire property. Creating a pleasant and comfortable living environment is largely down to the tenants themselves.

A pleasant living environment is a sum of many things, like a tidy general appearance, nice neighbours and a well maintained property.

Fire alarm

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is a working fire alarm in the apartment. For more information on the differences between the fire alarm system, fire alarm and mains operated smoke alarms can be found on Hoas' website.

Fire load in common areas

The Rescue Act prohibits the storage of goods in access routes, which is what the stairways of apartment blocks are classified as. The stairway is often the only means of escape, which is why the passage of residents in the stairway must be unhindered. In addition, goods stored in stairways can complicate rescue operations in an emergency situation.

What to do in case of a fire

In an emergency, please call the emergency number 112!

The general rule is that you should leave the area that is burning. In apartment blocks, each apartment is built as a separate fire compartment, which stops the fire from spreading easily from one apartment to the next. If there is a fire in your apartment, leave the apartment and close all doors behind you. However, you should not enter smoky areas. If there is a fire next door to you or if the stairwell is filled with smoke, keep the door shut and block any gaps around it to stop smoke entering the apartment. Call the emergency number 112 and wait for help on the balcony or next to an open window.

The rescue plan for your property

A rescue plan is required by law for any residential building with at least three apartments. The rescue plan details how you should act in various dangerous or threatening situations. The rescue plan takes into account any specific features of the property, as it is always drawn up individually for each property.  This is why there are many different rescue plans.


Information about tenant activities

Tenant activities consist of activities our tenants engage in together; excursions, voluntary work days, parties, as well as shared equipment for hobbies. On the tenant activity pages you will find information, instructions and ready-to-use forms that can help to simplify the tenant committees' work.


Contact details for tenant activities:


Hoas Asukastoiminta, PL 799, 00101 Helsinki

In Facebook: Hoas Asukastoiminta / Hoas Tenant Activity

The duties of the tenant committee

The tenant committee activities are shaped by the property and the tenants living there. The important thing is to foster a community spirit and to make the property a pleasant place to live. The committee is responsible for the shared facilities, for example reserving and equipping the club rooms. The committee can also organise events, voluntary work days and excursions for the tenants.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions about living in Hoas apartments.