Tips for finding housing or temporary accommodation elsewhere

30 juni 2016

Unfortunately we are not able to offer housing to all applicants. Here are some tips for finding housing elsewhere:

  • Forenom: (see special offer below)
  • VVO:
  • Sato:
  • Realia:
  • Vuokraovi:
  • Oikotie: (in Finnish)
  • Universities' and student unions' own notice boards
  • Stadin asunnot (City of Helsinki):
  • Espoon Asunnot (City of Espoo):
  • VAV asunnot Oy (City of Vantaa):
  • Avara Oy:
  • Asuntosäätiö: (in Finnish)
  • Keva:
  • S-Asunnot: (in Finnish)
  • Kunta-asunnot Oy:
  • Ovenia:
  • Nuorisoasuntoliitto ry: (in Finnish)
  • Nuorisosäätiö:
  • Oranssi ry:

Find flatmates:

  • You can get in touch with other new international students and potential flatmates on different student groups on Facebook

Make sure you have a place to stay for the first nights before arriving in Finland!

  • Helsinki accommodation pages:
  • Search for a hostel:
  • CheapSleep hostel: (at CheapSleep you have also the opportunity to stay for the whole semester in a shared room.)
  • Couchsurfing:


Hostel Forenom Pitäjänmäki:

The new Forenom hostel at Pitäjänmäki offers a special price for Hoas clients.
Own private room with shared kitchen and showers. Short distance to Helsinki city centre and great public transportations also to Espoo Otaniemi / Aalto University.

Special price for Hoas-clients for contracts starting during August: 22 € / single room with shared facilities / night, minimum stay 7 nights. Price includes VAT, linen, towels, WiFi and light final cleaning. Security deposit 250 €.