How do I get my deposit back?

Schedule of the deposit returns

The deposit will be returned approximately within a month of the end of the agreement. Deposit returns begin on the 15th of the month following the end of your tenancy agreement, or on the next business day after that. All deposits will usually be returned within a month of the end of the tenancy agreement. Any problems concerning the condition of the apartment, the keys or rent payments will cause delays in refunding the deposit.

Unfortunately we cannot give a more accurate estimate of when the deposit will be refunded to you, so when organising your move to a new apartment, you should take into account that it may take up to a month for the deposit to be returned.

We regularly inform our customers about the situation of the deposit returns and about possible delays on Facebook and our website.

Deposit return


Using the deposit

The deposit will be returned as long as the apartment is in good condition, the keys have been returned by the specified time and in the correct way to Hoas service center, all rental and other fees have been paid, and valid account details have been provided for refunding the deposit. The deposit will be refunded to the account provided by the tenant.

The lessor may use the deposit for settlement of any outstanding rent or other payments without consulting the tenant. A returned deposit does not absolve the tenant from the general terms of the tenancy agreement. During the tenancy period the tenant does not have the right to request that the deposit be used to cover the rent.

More information on the general info about moving out.

Account information for deposit return

Deposits are returned to your bank account as a bank transfer, never in cash. We can return your deposit to a Finnish bank account or a foreign account. Please note that returning the deposit to a foreign bank account may incur costs that will reduce the amount of the deposit returned.

It is the tenant's responsibility to provide valid account information. If the tenant provides incorrect or incomplete account details to Hoas, and refunding the deposit fails due to this, the tenant is responsible for covering any bank fees incurred.

Please provide the account details after your tenancy agreement has been terminated via the webform for account details. Once your agreement has been terminated you will receive an email/letter confirming the termination of tenancy. The email includes a link to the webform. We only take the accout details in writing (via the webform or by e-mail).

The deposit cannot be returned, if the tenant has not provided any account details. Hoas cannot see the payer's account number in the received payments list, because account numbers are protected by banking secrecy.

Please note that the required account information varies in different countries:


 Account details in different countries