Key pick-up

There are three options for receiving the keys: you can collect the keys from the Hoas service centre with an identification document at the start of your tenancy agreement, you can receive the keys from your university or if you cannot collect the keys yourself, you can authorise another person to do it on your behalf.

Key return

You need to return the keys to the Hoas service centre in a sealed envelope at the end of the agreement. You can leave the key envelope in the red mailbox inside the service centre or in the mail slot on the left side of the service centre door outside office hours.

Things to remember when moving

Moving to a new apartment is often inspiring and exciting, but the move can also be stressful, with lots to do and remember. We cannot do the move for you, but we can make your move a bit easier by gathering together the things that are useful to remember. We hope that you enjoy your new home!

Inspecting your apartment when you move in

You must submit a move-in report within two weeks of receiving the keys to the apartment. You must notify Hoas immediately if the apartment has not been cleaned properly.

Ending of the tenancy agreement

When the tenancy agreement ends, all your other reservations through Hoas will also be cancelled, such as parking spaces and sauna reservations. As the moving date gets closer, you will receive a confirmation of the end of your tenancy agreement and instructions for moving out.

Apartment inspection

The preliminary inspection will be carried out during the last month of your tenancy. The inspector will check the apartment for anything that needs maintenance or repairing and they will also assess the cleanliness of the apartment. If there are shortcomings there will be other inspection after you have moved out.

Things to remember when moving out

There are quite a few things to remember when you move out. In this section we have listed some of the most important ones for you. Hopefully it helps!

Getting the deposit back

The deposit will be returned within a month of the end of the agreement. You will get the deposit back if the apartment is in good condition, the keys have been returned by the specified time and in the correct way to Hoas service center, all rental and other fees have been paid, and valid account details have been provided for refunding the deposit.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions about moving.