Shared studio apartment

This apartment type is well suited for a pair of friends or for couples arriving together in Finland for their exchange. You can also apply for a shared studio on your own, and Hoas will find you a roommate.

Shared studios are for two persons. Two tenants share one room together including kitchen/cooking space and a bathroom.

In order to be able to apply a shared studio together, both tenants must have the same exchange period length. Both applicants must submit their own applications and provide the name of the desired roommate. Couples of whom only one person is an exchange student can also apply for a shared studio. Also in these cases, both applicants must submit their own applications. Couples of whom both applicants are exchange students have priority over couples with only one exchange student.

Hoas has a highly limited number of shared studios available. We recommend also applying for another apartment type.

To whom: Exchange students, Single applicants, Friends, Couples
Location: Helsinki: Harustie 7
Apartment rent (in 2021): approx. 355 euros/person/month
Apartment size: 40 m2
Furniture list


A room in a shared apartment, A shared room in a shared apartment, Studio apartment