When will I receive an offer?

Hoas does not have a queue number system for apartment applications. When offering an apartment, the study information received from schools is taken into account. This is why the person who has waited the longest may not always be the first to receive an offer. Read more on what basis are the apartments rented.

We make offers for the exchange student apartments twice a year. Housing offers for international degree students are made once a year. For autumn, we make offers in June-July, and for spring in November-December. Unfortunately we cannot give an exact estimate of when we can send offers to applicants.  When we are ready to make you an offer, you will usually receive it a minimum of two weeks before your studies begin.

The demand for the apartments varies depending on the time of year. The demand is highest at the beginning of semesters and the available apartments are rented quickly. Most years, there are more apartments available per number of applicants in spring than in autumn.

During the season, Hoas makes hundreds of offers and due to the large number of applicants we are unable to take into account specific wishes. Hoas cannot guarantee an apartment for every student.

How will I receive an offer?

Hoas will send the apartment offer to electronical signature service Signom and you will get an email from Hoas that includes a link to your housing offer. It is your responsibility to make sure that your contact details in the application are correct and up to date. You must apply with an email address you check regularly and make sure that Hoas is in your safe senders list, in order to avoid our messages being lost in the spam folder.

If you have provided incorrect contact details to Hoas and do not get news of your offer in time or at all, Hoas is under no obligation to offer you another apartment.

When will my rental agreement start?

Agreements are always made for entire calendar months and the starting date is always the first of the month. All rental agreements for furnished apartments are always for a fixed term.

Depending on the location, agreements usually start either on 1st of August or 1st of September the autumn semester.  For the spring semester, agreements mainly start on 1st of January. Sometimes the starting date may vary - for instance, due to ongoing basic renovations - and this information is included in the offer.