The offered apartment is not what I hoped for

I was offered an apartment but the rental period does not match my stay

Rental agreements for furnished apartments are always fixed-term and in line with the information we receive from schools. If the start and/or end date of the rental agreement does not match your study information, contact Hoas exchange student services. Hoas will then check your information with the school and modify the validity period of your tenancy agreement if necessary.

Please note that in some exceptional circumstances Hoas is unable to offer all applicants an apartment for the whole duration of their stay in Finland. A reason for this can be, for example, ongoing basic renovations that are also mentioned in the offer.

I no longer wish to share an apartment with my co-applicant

The offers we make are specific to the application. If you no longer wish to share an apartment with the person you originally applied with, we must cancel the offer. You cannot change your co-applicant and you cannot move into a shared room or shared studio on your own.

You may submit a new application after your previous application is removed, but please note that Hoas aims primarily to offer apartments to people who have not received any prior offers. Especially in autumn this means that Hoas is unable to make a new offer due the large number of applicants.

Why did I get an offer for a different apartment type than what I applied for?

Applicants are primarily offered the housing type they have applied for. In case no such apartment types are available any longer, or the distance is too great, applicants can be offered another housing type.

Your application will remain active even if all the applied apartment types are offered, as there may be cancellations or different apartment types may become available later.