Refusing an apartment offer

The offer you receive is specific to the apartment mentioned in the offer. You can either accept or reject the offer - it cannot be changed to another apartment.

You can refuse the apartment offer by cancellation form. If you are not going to accept our offer, please reject it without delay to speed up the process for other applicants!

If you do not refuse the offer by the due date, the offer will expire and your application will automatically be removed.

Can I get another apartment offer?

If you refuse an offered apartment, your application will be automatically removed. Due to the large number of applicants, we are unable to maintain a waiting list for new offers.

You may submit a new application after your previous application is removed, but please note that Hoas aims primarily to offer apartments to people who have not received any prior offers. Especially in autumn this means that Hoas is unable to make a new offer due the large number of applicants.