When is the agreement confirmed?

Once you have signed the tenancy agreement, we will check the documents you sent. If the documents are in order, we will send you an email to confirm that the tenancy agreement was approved. If you have signed the agreement in the electronic service, you can log in to the service via the link in the email where you will find the signed tenancy agreement, a rent payment slip and a quick guide for new tenants. Please note that the tenancy agreement can only be confirmed if all requested documents have been provided by the due date.

The tenancy agreement is binding for both parties, once the applicant has provided all required documents and the lessor has approved them. All tenancy agreements for furnished apartments are always for a fixed term. Once the fixed term tenancy agreement has been confirmed, it cannot be cancelled nor terminated.

Please note that the apartment offer you receive applies only to the apartment specified in the offer. You can only accept or refuse – you cannot change to a different apartment.

Subletting a furnished apartment is not allowed. Furnished apartments cannot be sublet since the apartments form a school-specific quota and they are only reserved for exchange students and international degree students of certain schools.