Offer for shared room or shared studio

In shared rooms two persons have together their own lockable room. The kitchen, toilet and bathroom are shared with other tenants.

A shared studio consists of a room, kitchen/cooking space and a bathroom which are shared with two tenants.

The shared rooms / shared studios have only one Ethernet socket, to share it between two tenants you need to provide your own distribution device.

You can find the apartment layout from your housing reservation.

Sharing an apartment is a social way of living and you can get great benefits out of it if you just keep an open mind. Sharing a studio also means that there is less privacy than in a single studio and it is good to agree on common rules together to avoid misunderstandings.

If you have applied with a certain roommate but the other person does not confirm the offer, Hoas will try to find you another suitable roommate (same gender). Kindly note that there is a possibility that your new roommate will move in later than you.

Please note that you will not be able to change the apartment or roommate after signing the tenancy agreement.