Homes for exchange students

The housing service for exchange students has been developed in close cooperation with universities and universities of applied sciences in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Exchange students attending one of the cooperating schools in the metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa) may apply for a furnished apartment.

Apartment types for exchange students

Hoas provides exchange students with four different furnished apartment types: room in a shared apartment, shared room in a shared apartment, studio and shared studio. Hoas aims to provide each exchange student with a housing option that suits their needs.

There are Hoas properties located in several metropolitan areas. Please note that only certain Hoas housing locations have furnished apartments and all apartment types cannot be found in all our locations. Furnished apartments are non-smoking and pets are not allowed.

Applying for Hoas exchange student apartment

You can submit your application right after the application period start date: for autumn 1st of April and for spring 1st of October (12:00 at noon). You can apply for an furnished apartment even before your studies in Finland are confirmed.