Who can apply for a Hoas furnished apartment?

The service has been developed in close cooperation with universities and universities of applied sciences in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Exchange students attending one of the schools in the metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa) listed on Hoas web site may apply for a furnished apartment.

Students of University of Helsinki please see here for more information about applying.

On what basis are the apartments rented?

The submitting date of the application matters. However, the main criteria for Hoas when providing furnished apartments is the information received from the schools in Finland.

Furnished apartments for exchange students

Hoas provides exchange students with four different furnished apartment types: room in a shared apartment, shared room in a shared apartment, studio and shared studio. Hoas aims to provide each exchange student with a housing option that suits their needs.

There are Hoas properties located in several metropolitan areas. Please note that only certain Hoas housing locations have furnished apartments and all apartment types cannot be found in all our locations. Furnished apartments are non-smoking and pets are not allowed.

What is included in the rent?

The rent in Hoas's furnished apartments includes water, electricity, furniture and more extensive maintenance. Additional free services are HOASnet, laundry room services, sauna and other facilities.

Obstruction-free apartments

Many of Hoas's newest properties are built free of obstructions. Hoas's property in Lauttasaari, Helsinki (Haahkakuja 5) includes a housing unit for handicapped young people, managed by Vamlas.

How do I apply for a Hoas apartment?

You can submit your application right after the application period start date: for autumn 1st of April and for spring 1st of October (12:00 at noon). You can apply for an furnished apartment even before your studies in Finland are confirmed.

For students of University of Helsinki please see instructions here.

What happens after I submit my application?

After you have submitted your application, you will get an automatic email confirmation that Hoas has received your application.

The application will be on hold until Hoas has received your study details. Your application will be processed after we have received the confirmation list of all accepted exchange students and international degree students from your place of study in Finland.

Changing information on the application

In case you wish to edit your application, you can make changes to your information by contacting our exchange student services. The furnished apartment application is valid until further notice, and there is no need to update it.

When will I receive an offer?

Hoas is making offers for the exchange student apartments twice a year. For autumn, we make offers during June-July, and for spring during November-December. Housing offers for international degree students are made once a year. 

Unfortunately we cannot give an exact estimate of when we can send offers to applicants.

Accepting an apartment offer

You can confirm your tenancy agreement by signing it in the electronic service and providing the requested documents to Hoas by the given due date. The tenancy agreement will be binding for both parties once the applicant has provided all required documents and the lessor has approved them. Once the fixed term tenancy agreement has been confirmed, it cannot be cancelled nor terminated.

It is possible that you will receive a housing offer before your acceptance from your school. In this case you should confirm your housing offer as due to the large number of applicants, Hoas is able to make only one housing offer.

Paying the deposit

When an exchange student agrees to rent a Hoas apartment, a deposit must be paid and a proof of payment delivered to Hoas. The deposit is not for paying the rent but rather a guarantee for Hoas and deposit will be returned to the tenant after the end of the tenancy agreement if all the terms for returning the deposit are met.

Refusing an apartment offer

If you are not going to accept our offer, please reject it by using the cancellation form without delay to speed up the process for other applicants. You can refuse the apartment offer by cancellation form. If you refuse an offered apartment, your application will be automatically removed.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions about applying for Hoas furnished housing.