Tenant committee meetings

The tenant committee's official decisions are always made at the tenant committee meeting. The tenant committee convenes as agreed on by the members during its term – however, some meetings must take place in order for the tenant committee to continue existing and for the committee to be allowed to receive allowances from Hoas.

Tenants must be notified of any tenant committee meetings at least four days prior to the meeting on the property notice board and for example in the relevant Facebook group or the property website. The invitation should list the topics that will be discussed at the meeting.

The tenant committee is quorate if at least half of the tenant committee members are present at the meeting. For example, if the tenant committee has six members, the committee will be quorate if at least three members are present at the meeting. At least two members must always be present, even when the tenant committee consists of only two members in total. This ensures that decisions cannot be made by one member alone.

The tenant committee meetings are always shaped by their participants and there is no clearly specified way to hold them. What matters is that minutes are taken during the meeting, with entries for a list of participants and all decisions made, signed by the secretary and the chairperson of the meeting. Especially purchasing decisions and their budgets must be clearly entered into the minutes, so that Hoas staff can later find the tenant committee decision on a purchase when the committee's expense claim form is reviewed. The minutes must be sent to Hoas as soon as possible after the meeting either via mail or as an email attachment. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss matters that are important to all tenants, plan joint activities and purchases and also to get to know the neighbours.

At the meeting, decisions are generally reached through discussion. If a unanimous decision cannot be reached, the matter will be decided by vote instead. The vote can be either open or closed. If the votes are equal, the chairperson's vote will decide. The tenant committee meetings are open to all tenants and everyone can join in the discussion with their own ideas. However, when it comes to making decisions, only the official tenant committee members have a vote. New official members cannot be added to the tenant committee at the tenant committee meeting. The participation of unofficial members and what they can bring to the table is still important!

If a tenant committee member cannot attend a tenant committee meeting, he or she can authorise a representative to attend in their place. In such cases, the member must write an authorisation letter stating the personal details of the representative and the authoriser (full name, complete personal identity code), the address of the authoriser, the scope of authorisation, the validity period of the authorisation, the date, the place and the authoriser's signature. The authorisation will be provided to Hoas as an attachment to the minutes.

In addition to sending the signed minutes to Hoas Tenant Committees by mail or email after the tenant committee meeting, the committee should also archive them for the committee's own use. The minutes can be stored for example in a folder at the club room, where they can also be browsed by other tenants in the property. This is another way to make tenant activities more familiar and transparent to all tenants.