The purpose of the tenant committee is to act as a link between tenants and Hoas, promote tenant activities and inform tenants about matters and events concerning them. The tenant committee should use various communication channels to reach as many tenants in the property as possible.

The members of the tenant committee must give their contact details to Hoas at the beginning of their term so that the tenants to contact them. The tenant committee should have a dedicated email account so that contacts from tenants can be directed to a shared, jointly monitored account instead of the members' personal inboxes.

Each tenant committee will have its own website under the main Hoas website and the committee must at least keep the information on these pages up to date. It is advisable, however, for the tenant committee to add more information about their activities, for example details about the use of shared facilities or borrowing items. The tenant committee is responsible for updating the committee's web pages. From the beginning of 2017, as Hoas's requirement, the pages must contain at least the contact details for the tenant committee. A member of the tenant committee can ask for a user account and further instructions for updating the tenant committee pages by emailing asukastoiminta[at]

In addition to the tenant committee's web pages, it is recommended that other channels are used for communication, as information should be offered in places where the intended audience will see it. The tenant committee can for example start a Facebook group for the property for announcements and also to allow the tenants in the property to have a way to be heard. Social media is important, but don't forget to also use traditional methods like putting notices on the property notice boards and in the shared facilities, as well as distributing notices to apartments. The tenant committee allowances can also be used to cover the cost of communications.

The basics of good communication are starting in time and finding the proper channel and visual style for each message. When composing notices, you should remember to keep the content clear and informative, add the tenant committee's contact details and also to keep in mind that the audience is multilingual – often you will need to include material in English as well as in Finnish in order to reach everyone. For effective advertising, the visual look of the event notice should draw people's attention. An integral part of a good communication strategy is also removing notices and advertisements when they are out of date, in order to minimise misunderstandings and confusion.

You can also send mass emails to all the tenants in the property to inform them of important matters or events. However, this channel is not intended for daily use. To send a group email, the tenant committee must compose the message both in Finnish and in English. The message must also have a subject line and include the tenant committee's contact details. The complete message with a request to send it must be delivered to the Hoas tenant committee email address (asukastoiminta[at] about one week before the last possible sending date, in order for us to guarantee that it will be sent on time even if we are busy. If the tenant committee observes harmful practices at the property, such as leaving fire load in stairways, the committee can send a request to issue a notice without a message drafted by the committee. In such cases, the Hoas team will compose the message to be sent to the tenants.