Tenant meeting

The tenant committee is elected at a tenant meeting. The tenant meeting convenes once per year and it is summoned by Hoas. Tenant meetings are held in the beginning of the year and the tenant committee members serve from the official tenant meeting until the next election meeting. If no tenant committee can be formed at the tenant meeting or if there are many new tenants wishing to join the committee, a tenant meeting may also be summoned at a different time.

The maintenance company delivers the invitation to all apartments and offices and posts it on the property notice boards at least one week before the meeting. The invitation will also be sent to the tenants by email a few days before the meeting. Often the tenant meeting will be led by a representative of Hoas, but it can also be held by the members of the previous tenant committee. The previous committee members will be asked about this before the time of the tenant meeting and any necessary instructions will be sent to the person who has agreed to hold the meeting.

Tenant committee members must be of legal adult age and have a valid tenancy agreement for the Hoas property where they want to join the committee. Only one person per apartment can join the committee, regardless of whether they have an apartment for friends or family, or a room in a shared apartment. Several people from the same apartment can naturally join in on the activities, but only one can be an official member and as such, have a vote in tenant committee meetings. Temporary tenants, like exchange students, can also join a tenant committee. Their term ends automatically when their tenancy agreement ends. The same applies to tenants whose ongoing tenancy agreement is terminated.

If there are not enough people interested in tenant activities living in the property (at least two tenants over 18 from different apartments), the tenant committee cannot be created. However, if any tenant who is over 18 years old is interested in taking care of the club room and/or gym keys and lending them to the tenants, they can act on their own as the contact person for tenant activities. However, this contact person will not receive the allowances intended for tenant committees to support activities. The contact person must post notices on the Hoas tenant committees' websites and possibly in other media on how they can be reached for the purpose of borrowing keys to the premises. If there is sufficient interest in tenant activity later on, a new tenant meeting can be held to form a tenant committee.

At the tenant meeting, the tenant committee members will be elected and the new tenant committee members will take on roles according to their interests and abilities. The tenant committee should have at least a chairperson who acts as the elected official between the tenants and Hoas. In addition to this, the committee will normally have a secretary who takes care of summoning meetings, taking minutes and typing them afterwards. The treasurer takes care of the tenant committee's funds and bookkeeping, ensuring that the tenant committee uses the funds as required (25% for recreation, 25% for purchases) and does not exceed the annual budget. Additionally, the members of the tenant committee may take on other roles as necessary, for example act as delegates in charge of communication, keys, the club room or the gym. Often one person may have several roles, especially if there are only a couple of members in the tenant committee.