Tenant activities in a nutshell

A club room that is available for evenings with friends, cooking courses for getting to know your neighbours' culinary culture, shared gym equipment, excursions, parties, voluntary work days, yoga at the club room, urban agriculture in the yard – an active tenant committee can bring about all these and much more.

Tenant activity consists of activities carried out by the community of tenants, in line with the Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings. Every tenant committee reflects the personalities of its members and its activity will be shaped by what the tenants wish and choose to organise, within the possibilities offered by the property and allowances. Through the tenant committee, it is easy to get to know your neighbours and perhaps also the tenant committees in other properties. If you are interested in tenant activities, please contact the tenant committee in your own property. Contact details can be found on the committees’ own web pages.

The members of the tenant committee are elected at the annual tenant meeting, which is summoned by Hoas. Tenant meetings are held in the beginning of the year and the members of the committee serve until the next election meeting. The members can each join in the tenant committee's work according to their own strengths and abilities. However, you are welcome to take part in tenant activities at any time as an unofficial member!

On the tenant activities pages you will find instructions, ideas and ready-made forms for the tenant committees to use. You can also get peer support from the Hoas Asukastoiminta / Hoas Tenant Activity group, which all tenant committee members can join. If you have questions about tenant activities at your property, such as upcoming events and club room reservations, it is best to contact your own tenant committee directly. In the case of general matters to do with tenant activity, or if your property does not have an active tenant committee, you can contact Hoas Tenant Activity at asukastoiminta[at]hoas.fi.