Parasitic insects

Parasitic insects are insects that must feed on a host to survive. Parasitic insects might enter your apartment for example on people, clothes, or furniture. Sometimes you may get parasites in the apartment from an infested bird's nest on the roof. Please note that birds are protected during their nesting period.

The occurrence of parasitic insects may be increased with insufficient hygiene and untidiness, but it is important to note that a tidy apartment does not guarantee the absence of parasites. For example, you might bring bedbugs with you when you return home from a trip abroad, in which case the level of cleanliness in your apartment plays no role at all.

Parasitic insects seen in Finland are e.g. bedbugs, fleas, and lice. The prevention of head lice is the tenant's responsibility. Fleas can often be found on pets and there are instructions for their prevention available on the internet.