Kitchen appliances and equipment

Every apartment has a refrigerator. Please note that a freezer may not be included with your apartment. As a rule, all Hoas apartments have a stove, but not all of them have an oven. Usually the kitchens lacking an oven are so-called mini-kitchens. 

Keeping the refrigerator, freezer and stove clean is the tenant's responsibility. It is also tenant's responsibility to change light bulbs to refrigerator, stove and range hood. If the refrigerator or freezer does not work, always check the fuse first.

Microwaves are very rarely included in Hoas apartments. If there is a microwave oven in your apartment, in all likelihood it was left behind by another tenant. If you have just moved into an apartment with a microwave oven already present, and you wish to have it taken away, please submit a fault report. If you keep the microwave and it breaks down, you have to either get it repaired or dispose of it in the appropriate manner. Hoas does not service any appliances owned by tenants.