Refrigerator and freezer

Every apartment has a refrigerator. Please note that a freezer may not be included with your apartment.

Keeping the refrigerator and freezer clean, defrosting them and changing their light bulbs is the tenant's responsibility. If the refrigerator or freezer does not work, always check the fuse first. In most cases, this will solve the problem and there is no need to call the maintenance company.

New refrigerators will not be replaced for esthetical reasons or because a different type of refrigerator would suit the tenant's lifestyle better. Any appliances that no longer function will of course be replaced with working ones. Please note that having the appliance replaced does not automatically mean that you will get a brand new appliance. Hoas also stocks used appliances which work flawlessly, but have been left unused for various reasons. Hoas will try to make use of such appliances in order to reduce our impact on the environment.