Fault report

You can submit fault reports concerning your apartment, the property and the outdoor areas via the fault report form on the Hoas website. Through the fault report form, a detailed description of the fault is passed efficiently and accurately all the way to the property maintenance company, along with the tenant's permission for the maintenance staff to enter the apartment. On the form you can also specify whether they may use the master key to enter and inform us of any pets that may be in the apartment. For these reasons, we do not accept fault reports over the phone or via email.

If you want to send photos of the faults please mail them to maintenance[at]hoas.fi. Unfortunately it is not possible to attach photos to the fault report.

Before submitting a fault report, please check from the tenant responsibility chart that fixing your current problem is not considered the tenant's responsibility.  If the fault was caused by the tenant (such as a bathroom sink that was cracked by a falling perfume bottle) or if it is a task that the tenant is expected to take care of (for example changing a fuse or a bulb), you may be charged for the maintenance cost according to the tenant charge sheet