Tips for cleaning your apartment

If you would rather be doing something other than cleaning your apartment, try to make the cleaning process as easy as possible. Do not walk inside with your shoes on and put a doormat in the hallway to stop sand and small stones from entering the apartment. However, you should not place a doormat outside your door in the stairway. Hang coats on hooks and put shoes in a shoe rack. Try to keep surfaces clear and don't collect small items on shelves. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket and put things back in their places after use. Dry the shower floor and walls with a wiper after every shower. Do the dishes, remove any splatters and wipe your surfaces and the stove immediately after cooking.

If you do a regular weekly clean-up, you don't have to spend time on removing months' worth of ingrained dirt when you clean.

Cleaning can also be a good workout. If the weather is miserable and you're not feeling like going jogging, you can burn up to 50 Kcal per hour by general cleaning, 194 Kcal per hour by vacuuming and the same again by mopping the floors. You can help to get yourself going by putting on a groovy song to work to.