Prams kept in stairways are a common problem, and it is important to remind everyone to store them properly. If the materials used in prams catch fire, they create a thick smoke which spreads upwards in the stairwell, potentially preventing residents from exiting the building.

Helsinki Rescue Department conducted a test which showed that a burning pram produced enough smoke to fill the stairwell of a four-storey apartment block in less than two minutes. Every year, about ten prams stored in stairways are intentionally set on fire in the capital area. Considering the fact that two thirds of deaths in fires are actually caused by smoke inhalation, we cannot stress enough how important it is to store your pram properly. Please make sure your actions do not add to the risk of fire and fire damage.

Store your pram in the proper storage space, not in the stairway. If any of your neighbours break the rules by keeping their pram in the stairway, please let Hoas know.