What to do in case of a fire

In an emergency, please call the emergency number 112.

Fire in your apartment

If your own apartment is on fire:

  • Exit the building
  • Close doors behind you
  • Help others to exit, if necessary
  • You can try to extinguish the fire with a fire blanket or a hand extinguisher, keeping your own safety and that of others in mind
  • If it is very hot and there is a lot of smoke, crawl out at floor level on your hands and knees or on your stomach
  • Do not use the lift to exit
  • Call 112 from a safe location
  • Guide the fire department to the location

Neighbouring apartment or the stairway is on fire

If the neighbouring apartment or the stairway is on fire:

  • Stay in your own apartment and keep doors closed – smoke is lethal and kills fast, so never go into a smoke-filled stairway
  • Call 112
  • Block any gaps around the door, for example with a moist towel
  • Wait for rescue on the balcony or next to an open window
  • If necessary, get the rescue workers' attention by shouting or by other means

Other emergency

In an emergency, please call the emergency number 112!

Here are the instructions provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for calling the emergency number:

  • Make the emergency call yourself, if you are able to.
  • Explain what happened.
  • Give your exact address and municipality.
  • Answer any questions you are asked.
  • Act according to instructions given.
  • Only end the call when you are given permission to do so.

Guide the rescue workers to the location. Call again if the situation changes.


  • If the emergency number is temporarily busy, do not hang up! You will hear a recorded message asking you to wait a moment on the line.
  • Emergency calls are answered as soon as possible and always in the order they came in.
  • No area code is necessary.
  • An emergency call is free of charge.
  • Instructions for dangerous situations: see Yleisradio's teletext page 868