Smoke detector

If the landlord has not installed a smoke detector in the apartment, the tenant must do so. In practice, all properties completed since 2009 have smoke detectors provided by Hoas.

Please keep in mind these few things regarding the installation and maintenance of a smoke detector.

  • Mount the smoke detector preferably in the middle of the ceiling (if the roof is slanted, mount the smoke detector at the highest point).
  • Please do not place the smoke detector in a corner or near a wall – there must be at least 50 centimetres between the smoke detector and the wall. If you install the smoke detector on the wall, it should be at least 15 centimetres from the ceiling. There is stagnant air where the ceiling and wall meet, which can affect the operation of the detector.
  • Please do not install the smoke detector near air conditioning vents or a window that is opened for ventilation.
  • Please do not place the smoke detector in the bathroom, as moisture may cause false alarms. Smoke detectors located in the kitchen can easily give false alarms.
  • Please do not place the smoke detector near a fluorescent tube.
  • There must be one smoke detector for each 60 square metres of dwelling.
  • Test your smoke detector regularly.
  • If the smoke detectors beeps regularly, this indicates that the batteries are running low. This is your cue to change the batteries.