General info

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is a working fire alarm in the apartment.

The 2010 law states that there must be at least one fire alarm device per each 60 square metres of the apartment. An additional device must be installed for any remaining space that doesn't make up a full 60 square metres. It is your responsibility to make sure the fire alarm is in working condition. You should check your fire alarm every month to avoid any unpleasant surprises.  The condition of the fire alarm can be tested by pressing the test button on the device. If the fire alarm is working as it should, it will emit a very loud noise.

Some Hoas buildings have a centralised fire alarm system installed, which means that individual tenants do not need to buy their own fire alarms. These systems are most often found in newly built properties. The testing of this system is also the tenant's responsibility.

If you are not sure who owns the fire alarm installed in the apartment, find out from your property's pages.

If your apartment does have a centralised fire alarm system installed, please contact Hoas if there is a problem. If you break the system, for example by removing the alarm or by covering it, you will be charged for the resulting maintenance visit. If you repeatedly cause unnecessary fire alarms with your actions, such as burning your food, you will also be charged for these visits.

For more information on the differences between the fire alarm system, fire alarm and mains operated smoke alarms can be found on Hoas' website.