The most extensive type of maintenance is renovation, which involves replacing structural units that have reached the end of their useful life. Renovations are usually carried out over a time span of 20 years on the average.

Before renovations, the condition of the apartments is assessed and the nature of the renovation will be based on this assessment. The plans may even be made at apartment level, so that each apartment will have a unique plan. This way the apartments can be renovated according to their actual need for repairs. In such cases, the condition of the apartment will largely determine how the apartment will be renovated.

During major renovations, the renovated section of the building becomes a construction site and, therefore, cannot be lived in. Hoas always gives residents at least 6 months' notice of scheduled major renovations before the work is due to start. Hoas also informs residents about alternative housing solutions in good time before major renovations begin. Alternative living arrangements offered to residents may differ depending on the size of the property and the number of renovations undertaken simultaneously.

Please note that major renovations are not carried out on individual apartments, but entire properties.

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