Our long term property maintenance plan

Hoas' properties are maintained in a systematic manner. In addition to scheduled property maintenance, such as checking of bulbs in common areas, other maintenance work of differing types is carried out on the properties.

Some of these will not be obvious to the residents, whilst some others will have a great impact on their comfort. If our maintenance people fix a leaking roof, the resident will probably not even notice it. Meanwhile, a full-scale renovation of the property will turn it into a construction site, and the residents have to move elsewhere during the renovations.

All the measures are aimed at property management that is ecologically sound and economically viable. 

Well planned pre-emptive maintenance can prevent many faults and problems and extend the life of our properties. Pre-planning and preventative measures can also help to bring down the cost of maintenance.

Continuous maintenance

By continuous maintenance, we mean the small scale repair work that is done based on fault reports submitted by the tenants, Hoas or property managers. You have an important role in the continuous maintenance of our properties. By notifying us of faults in a timely manner, you help us maintain our properties as well as possible. Residential Landlord and Tenant Act stipulates that you also have an obligation to inform the landlord of any faults in your apartment. Continuous maintenance also includes inspections when tenants move out, and any repairs done based on the inspection reports.

Continuous maintenance covers, for example, changing tap seals or attaching wardrobe handles.

Programmed maintenance

With programmed maintenance work, we aim to manage the property life cycles in an comprehensive and cost-effective way, as well as to improve the general comfort of our properties. Programmed maintenance work is planned according to the renovation history and renovation program of each building. Such maintenance is planned and budgeted one year before it is due to start and the wishes of the tenant committee will be taken into account, if possible.

Programmed maintenance includes for example renovation of the lifts, the roof or the saunas.