Problems with paying the rent

You should remember that rent is your most important bill and should be the first one you pay. Due to the difficult housing situation in the capital area, it is very important to avoid having your tenancy agreement terminated due to unpaid rent. Unpaid rent will be transferred to a debt collection agency, which in turn may lead to a court case and result in debt recovery. At this stage it is hard to remedy the situation and you may not only lose your credit rating but also be evicted. A payment default entry can make it significantly harder for you to get another apartment. For these reasons alone, it is wise to seek help early on. In addition to your friends and family, you can seek help and support from the services of your town. If you face challenges in paying your rent, you can contact us and together we can work out how to help you. You contact us by sending email to tenantsupport[a] or use the confidential email.

If your rent is already past due and you have been contacted by our debt collection agency, you need to act fast. When transferred to a debt collection agency, the rent amount can quickly increase as expenses and interest are added, which is why you should seek a solution sooner rather than later. If you are struggling to pay your rent, we recommend that in order to secure your housing, you get help to solve the problem. The debt collection agency we use is Svea Perintä. Neglecting rent payments can lead to losing the right to control the apartment and consequently, being evicted.

If you feel you need help with you finances or have problems with debts, you can get help from the financial and debt counselling service. Cities offer financial and debt counselling services to their residents. You can find out more on Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa city's site.

Students rely mainly on study grants and housing supplements for their income. An application to Kela is required for these grants and you should make sure you have applied for and been granted the support you are entitled to.

As a last resort in temporary financial trouble, you can apply for basic social assistance. You can submit an application for basic social assistance to Kela, but supplementary or preventive social assistance is granted on application by your municipality (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa) instead.