Hoas tenant support

What is tenant support?

Hoas tenant support provide assistance and advice, as well as solutions for rental housing -related problems. The aim of tenant support is to ensure that living at Hoas is easy and pleasant for the students. If you need assistance or advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

The operating principle of tenant support

In most cases, the matter can be settled and agreed upon through discussions – other measures are rarely needed. We always aim to settle the disputes, not to find the culprit. We advise the parties to be active in trying to find a solution and to settle the matter.

There are also situations where the lessor must interfere with disturbances. A written notification and warning are the final measures available to the lessor in letting the tenant know that they must change their conduct. Ignoring the warning can lead to the termination or cancellation of the tenancy agreement.

Conflicts with flatmates

Be active in settling the matter. If you feel that you need our assistance, it is advisable to inform your flatmate about this in advance – you can tell them that you wish to involve us in the discussion.

Where required, we will organise a meeting at our office in order to agree upon the rules of co-housing together. You can also contact us when you need help in initiating dialogue.

Shared apartments

Because Hoas residents come from a wide range of backgrounds and life situations, the definition of “normal housing” is bound to differ within each shared apartment. It is always advisable to discuss matters together.


Girl- and boyfriends are allowed to visit the shared apartment. We recommend that you agree upon such visits with your flatmates in advance.

Daily rhythm

The kitchen and the bathroom can be used also during the quiet time – as long as the flatmates and neighbours are taken into consideration.

A TIP: Create a Whatsapp or Messenger group for all the flatmates. Even though virtual communication does not replace face to face interaction, differing schedules means that it is sometimes necessary to be able to notify the others and agree upon matters quickly.

Cleaning of shared apartments

All residents must look after the shared premises.

Instead of general level instructions, you should agree in practical terms on how the tidiness and regular cleaning will be organised. A matter-of-fact and friendly approach is important for successful communication. More detailed information on the maintenance and cleaning of the apartment.

Before you contact the Hoas tenant support on cleaning-related problems in a shared apartment, consider the following:

1) Have we agreed upon the cleaning of the shared premises together?

2) Does the new resident know what you have agreed upon previously?

Also consider your own assumptions or requirements – is there room for compromises? Shared housing requires flexibility!

A TIP: Schedule a monthly flatmate meeting. That makes it easier to agree upon any shared matters, such as whose turn it is to buy toilet paper or washing-up liquid.


Neighbours are the cornerstones of living in an apartment block. They lead their own lives just like you do: one has children, one lives with dogs, and one seems to be in a band. Different kind of lifestyles generate different kind of noises that rarely need to be interfered with. You may hear the children playing in the upstairs apartment or the next door neighbour playing a recorder but this is normal in the daytime.

The quiet time is specified in the housing company rules and regulations. In an apartment building, the residents need to understand that the quiet time does not mean total silence. During the quiet time, everyone must avoid causing unnecessary disturbance to others. In other words, the quiet time is not the time to play an instrument, vacuum, throw a party, or reorganise the furniture.

If your neighbour repeatedly makes unnecessarily loud noises during the quiet time and you find this disturbing, contact your neighbour. If you cannot settle the matter through discussions, contact Hoas tenant support. Please specify the apartment where the noise is coming from and the nature of the noise. See also disturbance complaint.

A TIP: Become involved in the tenant committee activities of your building. The tenant committee is an excellent way to learn about what is going on in your building. The events organised by the tenant committee also provide opportunities to become acquainted with the other residents, making communication easier. Tenant committees often have in-house communication activities, which can help to settle disputes.

Contacting tenant support

The easiest way to contact us is to send us an email. Try to explain the situation as comprehensively as possible. Do not forget to provide your contact details. You can also send as a confidential email message through our website.

We can principally be reached during the opening hours of the service centre.

You can reach us by calling the service centre, from where your call will be directed to tenant support. If you are visiting the office, we can come to the customer service desk to meet you in person, where required. We have access to a quiet room on the customer service premises where also sensitive matters can be discussed discreetly.

In tenant support matters, you are served by Daisy, Lilli and Niina.

+358 9 549 900, line 1 (you can request to talk to tenant support