How we deal with issues

We know that students are responsible and smart tenants and flat sharers. This is perfectly illustrated by the fact that most conflict situations are resolved through discussion and agreements – only rarely do we need to resort to other means. In our operations, we stress the importance of discussion and the tenants' ability to resolve any conflicts independently. We aim to settle differences, not to assign blame. When we contact the parties, we ask that they take an active role in finding a solution and settling the matter.

Of course, there are also situations when the lessor must step in to deal with the disturbance. However, written notices and warnings are a last resort option when asking a tenant to change their behaviour. A warning will only be given in a situation where the disturbance is so severe that it warrants a warning about possible termination of the tenancy agreement. Ignoring a warning may lead to termination or dissolution of the tenancy agreement.