Disturbance complaint

In serious and repeated disturbances, we request that the residents submit a written disturbance complaint. With the written disturbance complaint, the lessor is requested to interfere with the violation of tenancy legislation or the housing company rules and regulations. The lessor must comply with the Act on Residential Leases.

In the disturbance complaint, describe the situation in as much detail as possible, specify the apartment that the complaint concerns, and remember to provide your own contact details. It is advisable to prepare the complaint together with a neighbour or a flatmate especially if it concerns noise or disorder. We will address all complaints confidentially and never reveal the name of the person who submitted the complaint without a prior permission of that person.

When a disturbance complaint is received, the following steps will be taken:

1) We contact the involved parties.

2) We determine whether the incident requires the lessor to take action.

3) Where required, a notification or warning is issued.

Please remember that a warning is a serious request for the party to change their conduct and is only issued on serious grounds. The party that has received a warning has the right to prove that they have changed their conduct.

In some situations, we will contact the Community Mediation Centre in order to settle disputes between neighbours.

In an emergency, call 112

In situations that pose a threat to human health or property, contact the rescue services.