Things to consider when subleasing

If you sublease your apartment, there are many things you need to consider. Read the following instructions carefully:

1. Responsibility for the condition of the apartment

If you sublease your apartment, you are still the primary tenant as far as Hoas is concerned, and as such, you are responsible for the condition of the apartment. For example, if there are any costs charged from the tenant during the tenancy period, any such invoices will be addressed to the primary tenant.

Since you will be the lessor for your subtenant, you should discuss this with them in advance and agree on ways to handle such situations. As Hoas does not have a contract with the person you're subleasing to, the subtenant cannot act as an intermediary when issues arise with your tenancy agreement with Hoas.

2. Hoas only deals with the primary tenant

If the subtenant wants to reserve a parking space, the primary tenant should give their consent and make the reservation on behalf of the subtenant. Hoas does not give subtenant their own account details for the sauna and laundry reservation system.

3. Handing over the keys to the subtenant

The primary tenant must take care of handing the keys over to the subtenant at the beginning of the tenancy period as well as retrieving them when the subtenant moves out. The primary tenant cannot leave the keys to Hoas for the subtenant to pick up, nor can the subtenant return the keys to Hoas at the end of the subleasing agreement.

4. Remember to get home insurance!

Both the primary tenant and the subtenant should take care that their own home insurance is valid and covers everything it needs to. If the subtenant damages your house contents, Hoas will not compensate you. If the subtenant damages the apartment, Hoas will charge the cost of the repairs from the primary tenant. You must agree on the specific details and conditions of the insurance policy with your insurance company (Hoas does not offer home insurance).


If you are entitled to a housing supplement, you must notify Kela of any temporary subtenant. The supplement will cease for the time during which the apartment is rented to a third party. The rent you get from subleasing your apartment is taxable income, so please remember to take this into account when doing your tax return.

 6. Notification of change of address

At online or the nearest post office, you can easily submit a notification of change of address both to the register office (as required by law) and to the post office with a single form. The post office can also give you cards that you can use to announce your new address to friends and family in Finland.

Please also read the instructions for subleasing.