A student renting an apartment from Hoas can temporarily sublease their apartment to a third party during the summer months (May–August) or for the duration of a study-related work experience or exchange.

Subleasing furnished apartments reserved for exchange students and international degree students is not allowed. These apartments form a school-specific quota and they are rented in co-operation with universities in the capital area.

When subleasing your apartment, you must follow good rental practices and any instructions given by Hoas. Read also what to remember when subleasing.

Always draw up a subleasing agreement in writing, please use the subleasing form. If you haven't informed Hoas that you are subleasing your apartment by the required date or if the conditions for subleasing are not met, Hoas has the right to not approve the subleasing.

As a tenant in a student apartment, you are not entitled to give control of the apartment or a part of it to another person without the lessor's permission, or allow other persons who are not included in the tenancy agreement to stay in the apartment. Also, the tenant cannot transfer the tenancy agreement to another person, as the lessor requires that the apartment is used by a student. If you sublease your apartment without Hoas's approval, your own tenancy agreement may be terminated.

Serious misconduct and/or violations of the rules can lead to termination or dissolution of the primary tenant's tenancy agreement. You can find useful information on subleasing your apartment for example from the web page of Finnish tenants.